Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stapler of the Week- Elastic Juwel & Star Paper Fastener

Elastic Juwel steel chrome and paint finish

Star Paper Fastener steel chrome and phantom enamel finish

These two staplers really represent variations on a theme I have visited many times before.   I had previously mentioned the enameled ornamentation of the Hotchkiss No 54 but the Elastic Juwel goes one step further.  The Juwel is engraved with scenes of flowers and wildlife and in-painted to accentuate the engraving.  The Star Paper Fastener bears the faded remains of the enamel ornamented Hotchkiss No 54 and like the Juwel is yet another example of multiple companies producing identically designed staplers. But as the Antique Stapler Collector's Website notes the Star Paper Fastener Company became the E.H. Hotchkiss Company and continued to market staplers with the Star brand.  Also, frequently stapler patents were purchased from companies by their competitors and then sold under the new owner's name.  It's no wonder I keep talking about the same staplers every month or so.

Excerpt from the Stapler of the Week, August 12, 2010.