Friday, July 6, 2007

Stapler of the Week Archive- Arrow P66 Plier Stapler

Arrow P66 Plier Stapler Chrome and Red Finish

I had always associated Arrow with tacker/staple guns. In college, when I was starting to stretch my own canvases, I went straight to Menards and bought an Arrow A-T50. At the time, I was of the opinion that everything had to be heavy duty. Since then, I've come to appreciate the old adage that less is more. The P66 fits in the less category. It lives up to its description as a "small convenient mini plier type stapler with a two tone finish that fits in your pocket." That perhaps isn't the best product catch phrase, but I think it could get stuck in your head if you put it to the right tune.

This stapler was a gift to the Stapler of the Week from John Anderson, friend extraordinare.

Excerpt from the Stapler of the Week, July 17, 2007

Stapler of the Week Archive-Swingline Speed Stapler

Swingline Speed Staper No 4 flat black finish

This is another stapler on loan from the Jack Pavlik collection. A similar Swingline model was featured in the Stapler of the Week on March 22, 2007. A similar finish can be found on a 1938 Swingline Speed Stapler No 3 featured by the Early Office Museum. I think you can find out a lot by looking at variations in paint and materials. What can I discern from the comparison of these two staplers? The design of the stapler didn't really change but the finish does. This flat black finish can also be found on typewriters and other office items (some of which I own) of the same era. The green version of the Speed Stapler No 4 seems to be a later version. The plastic has changed from black bakelite to a much glossier more refined plastic with the Swingline name inset into the top. In describing the green stapler, I made references to a WWII period drama we had been watching and I can only imagine the change in color perhaps references this event. Perhaps they had a few cans of green paint left over after the dust settled and thought, "Let's use it up on these staplers."

Excerpt from Stapler of the Week July 7, 2007.