Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stapler of the Week Archive - Swingline Speed Stapler No. 4

Swingline Speed Stapler no. 4, green painted & chrome metal with plastic plunger

My wife and I have been watching the BBC series Foyle's War for the past week or so. Set in England during World War II, the program focuses on the fact that murder is still murder, even during war times, and Folye won't let you get away with it. The production notes of the film included some insight into theset dressing of the film. Objects needed to be old and yet look new as they would have in the 1940's.

So, I thought this Speed Stapler would be mildly appropriate for the film. These models were very much influenced by the streamlining of all things of the era. Was it faster than other staplers due to less wind drag? It must have been aerodynamically superior to have earned the title of "Speed Stapler."

Does anyone else think this thing looks like the sphinx?

Excerpt from the Stapler of the Week archive, March 22, 2007.


Barbara said...

Oh, hey...I have this stapler. Mine is grey on top and brown on the bottom. I found your site when I was searching for staples.Mine says it was made by Speed Products in Long Island.
Where can I find staples??

Anonymous said...

I also have and use a Swingline Speed Stapler No. 4. It was given to me when I went to college (well over 30 years ago). With it came a couple of boxes of Swingline S.F.-1 staples.

Dan S. said...

My mother has a #4 Swingline Stapler, and it is by far one of the best staplers ever made--in my opinion, that is. I have the smaller version of the #4 stapler, the #3. It looks identical, except it isn't as deep. And since I can't find them anymore, I'll part with mine when they pry my cold dead fingers off of it. Oh, and FYI, both the #3 and #4 staplers use what are called "standard staples," available just about anywhere.

David said...

I also have a Speed Stapler 3. It has to be pre-1966 because that is when the zip code system started. My stapler lists Swingline as being in Long Island City 1, N.Y.

Anonymous said...

I "adopted" a Swingline 4-P from a previous employer. They didn't want it and I just knew it was something cool. To my dismay, the magazine is jammed. It will remain in my drawer until I can figure it out. Like Dan S., I won't give it up!

Mark said...

I have inherited a Swingline No. 4, and a No. 3 as well. Both are a touch worse for wear aesthetically, though entirely functional. Does anyone know where I might be lucky enough to find replacement plastic caps for the top of the hammer? Having more than likely been dropped numerous times in their long life, both of them only have bare metal plates where you press to drive home the staple.

Elise said...

We are missing the rubber top on the no 3. Does anyone know if there are replacement parts for something like this? Works great.


Anonymous said...

Mine appears to be a 1962 - on the bottom, below the address, partially hidden by the release button the numbers "62" are stamped (upsidedown and backwards)