Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stapler of the Week Archive - Faber Castell FC-1

Faber-Castell FC-1 chrome finish

I love plier staplers. It's sort of hard to describe it but they appeal to my primal right to bear arms instincts. The FC-1 I have at work had been once chained to a receiving desk but I always imagine it holstered at my side, my stapler finger twitching just a bit. Back to the point, the FC-1 has the distinction of being designed and manufactured by ISABERGS VERKSTADS AB, Hestra, Sweden. It and just about every other stapler plier that looks like it are SWEDISH!!! The percentage of Swede in me brims with pride and amazement in the fact that Sweden is even in the stapler market, let alone has nearly cornered the market on shiny chrome plier staplers. I use one at work because it also has the distinction of using a full strip of standard staples, meaning I can dip into the office supply...shhh!

Excerpt from the Stapler of the Week archive, April 26, 2007.


Anonymous said...

Oh My God! I love my FC-1 too! and I feel just like you! I wish it were my gun!

Anonymous said...

how does it open?

Anonymous said...

It opens from the back, there is a plunger that holds the staples in.

I love ours. We are able to lock it down so that our students don't steal it like they have once a month. This one was donated and has been locked down for a year.

It is funny because we had to put a sign up that says yes, this is a stapler.
We also had to add large yellow lables that say stapler on it also.

Herb Grika said...

How do I fix staple jams on my FC-1?
This is very reliable and strong tool.