Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stapler of the Week Archive - Swingline 615 Saddle Stapler

Swingline 615 Saddle Stapler grey painted and chromed metal with rubber & plastic features

The first time I saw a Swingline 615, was in 2004 during a premarital counselling session with the white-haired scandinavian Pastor at my grandmother's Lutheran Church. I commented on the stapler and my fiance (now my wife) said she had used them many times (perhaps at the historic house museum or the University mail room she worked in during college.) I was entranced by it. I had made a few booklets in college but had never knew there was a stapler with the expressed purpose of binding these booklets. I had learned about the saddle stitch binding while working at West Publishing. In my two months at Kinko's, I learned to operate copy machines that would copy, fold and staple a booklet. The fact that these operations were happening with the use of machinery did not amaze me, it was the fact that such an odd looking thing would be designed for use by the general public.

In my pursuit of owning a saddle stapler, I found examples of electric foot-pedal activated saddle staplers for high volume booklet making. I almost bought one, but then, when would I ever be saddle stapling enough booklets to need it. The Swingline 615 is in no way vintage. This particular model is fairly modern and is still available for sale. If you search it out on the internet, you'll find it's not a cheap item new ($80 - $100) and that it takes special #35150 round wire staples. I have yet to buy a box and start making some more booklets. As the complete finishing service copier moves out onto the Kinko's self-service floor, I think a my studio and a Lutheran Pastor's office will be the only place to find one.

Excerpt from the Stapler of the Week Archive, May 15, 2007

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LetterpressGuy said...

OK, so here's a question for you: the Swingline 615 that you're discussing is a manual stapler, and is currently (as you point out) for sale new. On the other hand, *I* remember from my college days a Swingline that was electrically operated, with a foot pedal. I've been fruitlessly searching for one, until lo and behold, I see that there's now one on eBay (non-working, alas), but it TOO seems to be labeled Swingline 615. A mystery! Thoughts?