Monday, March 23, 2020

Stapler of the Week Archive- Ellepi Klizia 97

Ellepi Klizia 97 chrome and blue finish

Klizia box

Klizia staples

Classic Italian design is timeless.  The design and the packaging of this Klizia 97 suggest it originated in the era of Zenith staplers.  At first glance I supposed it to be vintage but found it to be currently featured in online stationary, merchantiles and design museum shops.  Their descriptions all highlight that the Klizia is produced in a 4-person factory in Cologno Monzese near Milan.  A subsidiary of Metalplus, Ellepi produces a line of two other staplers, the C12 and the Neutron 78, in addition to the Klizia 97.  The vast online availability and marketing of the Ellepi staplers makes me question if  it is still the product of 4 craftspeople in Northern Italy.  I hope they are okay.

Excerpt from the Stapler of the Week, March 23, 2020

Monday, March 16, 2020

Stapler of the Week Archive- Neva Clog J-30 shallow mouth

Neva Clog J-30 brushed metal finish
I cannot stop looking for new Neva Clog staplers.  There are long stretches where I think there isn't anything new to see and then a new variation emerges.  This J-30 is keeping its opinion to itself.  The usual wide open grin is kept to a short smirk, which provides a stop for keeping that staple just the right distance from the edge of the paper.  This is the only deviation from the trusty design that started my stapler collection.

Excerpt from the Stapler of the Week, March 16, 2020.