Friday, June 29, 2007

Stapler of the Week Archive- Hotchkiss No 1

Hotchkiss No 1 age-patinated cast metal

The Hotchkiss No 1 is the first strip stapler I have seen in person. Instead of the fine wire staple strips we load into today's modern stapler, the No 1 used a strip that had been punched and formed from a flat strip of metal. The resulting staple was much more substantial than our modern day staple. The Hotchkiss No 1 was also sold with a tail (as in this example from the early office museum), which I imagine allowed for longer strips of staples to be used. Without having seen one operate, I cannot be sure.

This stapler was on loan to me from the Jack Pavlik collection. We had a great conversation about stapler and he lent me a few examples to document for the Stapler of the Week.

Excerpt from the Stapler of the Week, June 29, 2007.


Brian said...

How much is that worth?

Anonymous said...

Not all that much - I bought one off eBay the low two digits (can't remember exactly how much). I think that the shipping cost was a substantial part of the total cost.

More amazing, I managed to find some staples for it, and it works quite well. I occasionally use it, to mark "very important" documents. I figure it'll make them harder to forge: not many other people can replicate it!

Charlene said...

I found one in my mothers things. What class of staples will fit to make it work? Thank you kindly. Charlene

John Erps said...

Do you have Staples still