Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stapler of the Week Archive- Swingline Cub Plier

Swingline Cub Plier steel chrome and green finish

Swingline Cub Plier steel chrome and green finish

Along with previously featured Swingline Cub staplers, these Cub Pliers not only fall into the "cute" category, but are also perfectly sized for comfort and function. When held in one's palm, the user's thumb and index finger naturally fall into position in the indents on the top and bottom of the stapler. The Cub Plier features a punched tab at the rear to enable attaching a chain or string to prevent "office product drift" which tends to occur in the workplace. As with all Cub examples, Cub or no 77 staples are required, for which I am still searching for a equivalent source as Swingline has discontinued production and sold off all surplus stock. I have not seen enough examples to speak to the color variety, although a recent eBay auction featured an orange Cub Plier, which in my experience is an uncommon color. Crate and Barrel's trendy subsidiary, CB2, is peddling a modern orange Swingline. Although, I can't say it'll be on my wish-list.

Image from a eBay auction offered by Mitchell's Memorabilia Company.

Excerpt from the Stapler of the Week, February 12, 2009.


Lark said...

I like my swinglines red for the most part. The green is nice though.

Oscurotrophic said...

I have one in blue that I thought was broken (won't stay closed), but now that I read this I figure it's because of the unusual staple size.

Penny said...

I just bought one that is latte in color. Love the look and feel, so cute!

Anonymous said...

Just bought a Swingling Cub Plier at local thrift shop for a dollar and thats a dollar well spent. Best stapler I have used. wish I could find staples to fit though.