Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stapler of Week Archive- Neva Clog S-100

Neva Clog S-100 black finish

Neva Clog S-100 chrome finish

Neva Clog produced many models of plier staplers to perform different tasks. As the J-30, J-60, and J-56R were more suited to the office, the S-100, F-100, and B-100 models were meant for tougher tasks. I've found reference to them used by leather workers and even corn breeders (Maize Newsletter Issue 15, 1941). As seen illustrated below, the S, F and B-100s varied in jaw opening size. The S-100 and F-100 used either A-1000 (1/4" leg) or L-1000 (5/16" leg), where as the B-100 had it's own B-staples. If you find yourself confused by all the stapler and staple model numbers, you're not alone. There's really no discernible logic to these names but it's interesting to hypothesize what different things one would staple with each model. I measured and my index finger would fit in a 1/2" jaw opening which brings back a rather unhappy childhood memory. You can fill in the details. Luckily, these S-100s only have 9/32" of clearance so I won't have to relive that experience.

Excerpt from the Stapler of the Week, October 18, 2007.


ZEB Tom said...

ZEB makes staples for many obsolete staplers. See

As a example, related to this post, we have Neva-Clog A-1000, L-1000, B-1/4, B-3/8, and DJ340 staples in stock.

We'd make other obsolete staples not listed in our catalog, if we could get a large enough group together that can justify a run. Just a thought!

Tom said...

I found a neva-clog J30 stapler in seemingly nice and working condition (of course it had no staples) at my local salvation army, I thought maybe it was something special but was not sure, your blog has proved to me that it is, Looking online I cant seem to find out how old it is, and how much it was or is worth. Just wondering if you had any insight in that area.
Thank you

ZEB Tom said...

The J30 is certainly not made any more. It is probably at least 30 years old. It takes DJ340 staples, which we have in stock. See

As to value, I’m not sure about that. I’ve seen them sold anywhere from $25 to $50.