Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stapler of the Week Archive- Apsco 2002

APSCO 2002 chrome and black finish

The APSCO 2002 is yet another interesting example of the international lines of stapler manufacture. APSCO, or the Automatic Pencil Sharpener Company, was known, as its name suggests, for its line of pencil sharpeners*. Staplers appeared to be a sideline. The brochure detail below mentions the 2002 's manufacture from "Swedish steel" and leads me to believe it was actually manufactured by Isaberg-Rapid. The Rapid Classic 2 is identical in design as I'm sure there are many others (including the Rexel No 560 Beaver, featured February 7, 2008). The 2002 also bears the inscription TORONTO, ONT, CAN. I haven't found any APSCO-Canada connection yet.

detail from 1953 "The APSCO Line" brochure
found at Leadholder, the online drafting pencil museum

* It's main sharpener competitor was the Boston Specialty Corporation. There were many manufacturers as shown in the Early Office Museum's mechanical pencil sharpener gallery, but APSCO and Boston seemed to come out on top. APSCO was first absorbed into the Berol Corporation in 1969 and Berol was in turn absorbed by the Sanford Corporation in 1995.

Excerpt from the Stapler of the Week, September 14, 2008.


#1982 said...

I have one and I use it everyday. Underneath it says that it was:

Do you know how I could tell from which year mine is from, it is numbered on the bottom as 324.

Anonymous said...

I also have one that I use daily. On the front, it says APSCO Rockford Ill. USA - Toronto Ont. CAN. Underneath it has the same Isabergs markings. It is also stamped "B 41" (with ink, not into the metal as with the other markings).

Anonymous said...

I am trying to have my APSCO A9 Stapler repaired and sent it off to the address that it had included in Ontario but it was returned to me saying that the business had moved. I cannot find any APSCO in Canada nor a phone number to call to inquire as to where to send it for it's repair. Any suggestions...Help????

Anonymous said...

I have one I got from my Mother that showed up in our household early 60's and I still use it everyday. What durability!

It just has Rockford Ill Stamped in front with the Swedish information stamped at the bottom.

I wish I knew how truly old it was as I don't see a date stamp


elizabeth said...

Can anyone comment on how to open and put in refills in the stapler?

Anonymous said...

Just push the button on the side up and it opens easily

Maurice Simeoni said...

APSCO used to be at 29 Bermondsey Rd, Toronto, ON. It's now an antique shop with no affiliation to Apsco. I know this because my old Apsco 2002 has a faded label with a partial address for the old retailer.

Used PC Dealer said...

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Used PC Dealer said...

Nice Blog Post !

Chris Duke said...

To refill the 2002 stapler, Elizabeth, you slide the button on the side UP. Then pull out the front cartridge. Look closely and you'll see there is a little "up" arrow.