Monday, September 1, 2008

Stapler of the Week Archive- Swingline 3P

Swingline 3P grey finish

Swingline 3P grey finish

The Swingline 3P has always interested me. When I finally acquired one, I was surprised at its size, only about 4 by 3 inches. When one considers the necessity of it fitting in the palm of one's hand, the 3P's size isn't at all surprising. It's basic design is taken from the Swingline 3 with the plunger action being driven by a lever which contacts the palm. It can be opened for tacking with the lever at the back of the throat. The 3P uses the same staples as the No. 3. I'm going to hazard a guess that the "P" stands for plier but the difference in size makes me hesitate to say the 3P the plier version of the No.3. I'm sure I'll find the answer but couldn't wait to feature this great stapler.

Swingline 3P box

Excerpt from the Stapler of the Week, September 1, 2008.


Grace@PoeticHome said...

What a beautiful stapler! I've never seen one like it in the design and shape. I just bought a red Swingline Cub this weekend, which I saw you featured previously -- in such a rainbow of colors!

I really enjoy your blog -- and the beauty of vintage staplers is totally underrated.

Teraforce said...

The "P" does, in fact, indicate that it is indeed a plier. The box to my Swingline 3P calls it the "Swingline No. 3 PLIER"

I don't have pictures of it yet, but my Swingline 3P features a smooth gray finish instead of the wrinkle-textured finish. Also, there's a number 3 at the end of the staple holder on mine, so the front states (from to top to bottom) "Swingline SPEED STAPLER 3P", followed by another number 3 below that.

Charlie said...

I have owned a "3-P" Speed Fastener from the Parrot Speed Fastener Corp. of Long Island City, New York all my life.
The marks engraved on the front:
Made in USA
It appears to be stainless steel or perhaps chromed. Can someone tell me more about it?

Anonymous said...

i have one that all it has on the face is 3-p and under that it has -speed- -fastener- It is all silver. on the bottum it reads, made in U.S.A parrot seed fasterner corp. long island city N.Y. pat. pend.

Kim in PDX said...

Thank you for showing me what I just found at the Goodwill: a black, textured Swingline 3P. It does not have the Swingline name on the front, but inside where the staples go, it says "use genuine Swingline staples No. 3 or No. 4." It does not work, perhaps because I loaded it with standard staples?

Anonymous said...

I own this stapler which still works beautifully and uses staples available today. If someone truly loves it I would be willing to sell it. Contact me: RITAGRNSGL@GMAIL.COM
Thank you for your blog.