Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stapler of the Week Archive- Neva Clog D-30

Neva Clog D-30 brushed metal finish

It is with great pleasure that I share with you my Neva Clog D-30. I can't tell you how long I've wanted this stapler and the sold price listed at DecoWorld.com led me to believe it was somewhat out of my reach. Fortunately, I found a much less expensive, yet less pristine example.

Patents for this stapler (2087242 and 2041523) list the inventor as Earl C. Bunnell (born c.1895, died 1958). Bunnell was an industrial designer and held a variety of patents for items such as a safety razor, an eyelash applicator, a smoking pipe and one for a machine which manufactures Q-Tips. He also holds one patent for the J-30 (2088404). One will note a variation in the plunger knob between this example and the D-30 presented by the Office Museum.

detail from Earl C. Bunnell patent 2,041,523 Stapling Device

Excerpt from the Stapler of the Week, July 22, 2008.


Muriel OK said...

A deco beauty for sure. I love the design.

John Nichols Gallery said...

I just found a D-30 in an antique shop in Bishop, Calif. It was sitting in a bowl behind the counter with other items waiting to be priced. When I asked the owner quoted me reluctantly, "$10.00". I bought it. The one on DecoWorld looks better than ours but also looks like it has been cleaned and polished. I got rid of a little oxidation with some 0000 steel wool but not too much. Just ordered staples from DecoWorld. Paid more for the staples than for the stapler. I have a lot of staplers as I stock each workstation and desk in my life with at least one stapler and a coffee mug with pens and pencils, etc, tape dispenser, sharpeners, scissors and a fork in case I eat need one for lunch items. I bought it because I love art deco and good industrial design. Congratulations to both of us. JohnNicholsGallery.com


gthawk said...

I've seen other D-30s with an octagonal plunger top instead of a square one. Do you know which is earlier and when the change was made?

greg said...

hi , i just purchased my first vintage stapler d-30, i bought some staples for this model but am unsure how to load them? i don't want to break anything! any hints? regards, greg