Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stapler of the Week Archive- Neva Clog M-100 & MB-100

Neva Clog M-100 chrome finish

Every now and then something comes along and renews my passion for staplers. Best described as a "Franken-stapler", the M-100 is a S-100 with a modified jaw. I have every reason to believe it was Neva Clog factory modification as evidenced in the photo below from a recent online auction. The box is labeled "Special Neva Clog Stapling Plier Model MB-100," indicating the MB-100 is most likely a modified B-100. It gives me great hope to know there are more Neva Clog "Special" staplers out there. From browsing Neva Clog patents, I know there were many more stapler designs than staplers I've seen and that means many more Neva Clog to find. Cherchez l'agrafeuse!

Neva Clog MB-100 image from a recent online auction

Excerpt from The Stapler of the Week, September 23, 2009.


Mike said...

Yeah! You're posting again!

Jared Frank said...

I'm so glad this blog is active again. Thanks!

Mike said...

I'm so happy entries are being made again!