Sunday, May 4, 2008

Stapler of the Week Archive- Markwell MP4

Markwell MP4 plier stapler grey painted steel

Markwell P4C Staples box (containing approximately 4700 staples)

This particular example was found at the Bethesda Thrift Shop by my Mother. The stapler and the nearly full box of staples came to a grand total of $2. This was the price range I sought out when I first began collecting staplers. I originally gave myself a $15 price cap which would now make my stapler purchases few and far between. At any price, this plier stapler is a pristine example.

The box of staples provides a few items of interest. It lists the Markwell Manufacturing Company's address as 424 W 33rd Street, New York, N.Y.. A quick internet search shows Markwell's New York headquarters are now a "Premiere Boutique Office Building." There's no surprise the company's former Manhattan home has become prime real estate. The box also bears a price tag from the now defunct C.O.M.B. store. The acronym C.O.M.B. abbreviated Close-Out Merchandise Buyers. For some reason Minnesota has a rich history of direct-mail and television marketers such as Fingerhut and the CVN now absorbed by QVC.

Excerpt from the Stapler of the Week, May 4, 2008.


menios said...

need to find --sx staples for sx-sta-plyer.

Anonymous said...

found one of these today at a flea market in Brownsville, TX. Tried to load but it seems standard staples are too wide! Any insight on this would be appreciated.
Thanks, John

Anonymous said...

I found a box of Markwell SX Staples this morning which says "For Use in All Markwell "SX" Staplers. It appears to be almost full. Has "Copyright 1949" on it. If you're still interested after all this time, email