Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stapler of the Week Archive- Bates 88P

Bates Hand-Grip 88P steel gray and chrome finish

Bates Hand-Grip 88P box printed cardboard

Bates Hand-Grip 88P plastic, steel chrome finish

Somewhere in between Swingline's 99 plier and Cub plier, the Bates Hand-Grip 88P is simple and to the point. It is interesting to contrast these two examples to see how little the more modern plastic and steel example has changed from its all steel predecessor. The interesting feature of all three mentioned staplers is the pierced tab at the back. I've already offered the theory that it's purpose was meant to prevent "office drift," but I ponder whose office it was used in. It's actually small enough to be carried in a pocket and would be classified as a light duty stapler. It may be foolish to wonder at who or what vocation this design was aimed, but it's what I think about in my spare moments. I'm always asking the question, "What would you fasten with this stapler?"

Excerpt from the Stapler of the Week, March 8, 2009.


covalence1 said...

The hole in the back is to hang it up with. I have had one of these for 40 years and it is the best stapler i have ever used bar none. It will staple thorugh multiple peices of paper and cardboard that no other office stapler will. I have no idea if the "new and inproved" plastic one is as good.

Anonymous said...

My bates hand-grip stapler is the best. It's original use goes back to working on capitol hill moving lots of documents. It has never left my desk. I have a new one, which is adequate as well, but it just doesn't fit in the hand and work quite as good as my trusty 88-p.

Anonymous said...

My Bates 88P is still going strong after 40 years of regular use, including three years of constant use in the military. It's the only stapler we have ever had in the house. I wouldn't own anything else.

Luis said...

I grew up with this stapler in my house. It has been in many of my dad's offices and had it's share of kids hands on it. Me and my brother both were pretty hard on it. Now the new generation has used it to stapled everything from hair to homework. I don't recall it jamming at anytime. Even when I was stapling posters on walls or wood. Now it doesn't leave leave my home desk. i hope for nostalgia's sake as well as it dependability, it never does. I googled it because I want to get my brother one and one for me to take to work. I came across this and had to share.

Nancy said...

I've had this stapler since I started working for the Federal Government 45 years ago. I've carried it from job-to-job and it's always been the one office supply that I could rely on. I've used others, but nothing can compare to this one! During my first job, I even etched my name on it so it wouldn't get "borrowed."

Brittany Perkins said...

Does anyone know when these were originally made?