Monday, March 30, 2009

Stapler of the Week Archive- Bostitch P-4

Bostitch P4 stapler steel black finish

The Bostitch P4 is another fine stapler design by J.F. Cavanagh. Perhaps you remember the Bostitch P1 stapler featured May, 24, 2008. The P4 has the look of a staple gun tacker but Cavanagh included an anvil plate with a very deep throat. The combination of increased staple-driving leverage and the extended reach of the anvil plate suggests it was designed for commercial or industrial use. In my opinion, at the time the P4 and the P1 were two of the more innovative stapler designs offered by Bostitch. They took the power of a tacker and applied it for stapling good, not evil.

detail of J.F. Cavanagh patent 2,095,659 Fastener Applying Device

Excerpt from the Stapler of the Week, March, 30, 2009.

4 comments: said...

I have a P4 Stapler that I recently found and need to know how to load/unload the staples. I'm not sure if its currently jammed but it will not staple at all and there are staples in it. Any advise?

Anonymous said...

OMG I am looking for staples for my "stapler of the week" I have one, my dad got it in 1960, and used it to close skeletons at the Bishop Museum.

meanrene said...

I have an old Bostitch P-1 stapler. It is pretty good condition, still works! Can anyone tell me a value on it? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Imdebnoeller: The panel at the very front of the stapler that says: "pull up and insert staples" must be raised about one quarter of an inch and pulled out.

Charles: good luck finding the right staples. I am hoarding the few I have left.

I have one in excellent condition with about 96% of original black still left. If interested, please write ralphraymond1 (at)