Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stapler of the Week Archive- Swingline 77B

Swingline 77B (without and with base) steel and plastic chrome finish

Swingline 77B steel and plastic chrome finish

Two years ago I bought a small pink and chrome Swingline 77B stapler and had a feeling it was missing something.  I had seen other 77 models with molded plastic bases which seemed to complete the picture.  Yet, the bottom of this 77 seemed too finished to be encased in plastic.  Finally I happened upon a complete red and chrome 77B and later acquired this ivory and chrome example.   One might ask who needs a stapler separate from its base.  The most obvious answer is so that the base can be fastened to an out of the way surface and house the stapler when not in use.  As the stapler slides into the base it locks in place so this mounting surface could be on a wall or even a ceiling and the stapler would hold fast.  I mean this stapler could even be used in space.  Now there are other wall-mountable staplers out there, but the 77B is by far my favorite yet.
Excerpt from the Stapler of the Week, November 8, 2009.


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willo24 said...

hey is their a company that makes staplersa like these if you know of any please tell me thanks!!

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Got one of these puppies right on my desk. It's cool that you've got this web page. Keep on truckin' baby..